LeonInsurance1.com is a professional insurance adviser dedicated to giving you a secure peace of mind. Our people recognize the importance of finding a means to secure your quality of life. They do their job with all the care, warmth and clarity you seek in a consultant who is responsible for providing the best insurance for you, your family or your business.

We are a general insurer for the following risks: Biometric risk (life and livelihood) such as disability, dependency, longevity and premature death. Cost risks (such as court costs, medical expenses) are covered by our legal expenses insurance and health insurance. Damage risks (such as fire, accident or theft) will be covered by other various insurance policies such as homeowners insurance, accident insurance, household insurance. Liability risks are covered by our various forms of liability insurance.

Visit our offices at 4245 W Flaglet Street, Coral Gables.


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4245 W Flaglet Street
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